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TitleSeasonWatched YearStatusRe-Watch
CounterstrikeSeason 2WatchingNo
The X FilesSeason 6WatchingYes
The X-FilesSeason 10WatchingNo
The Girl from TomorrowSeason 2WatchingKinda
Star Trek: PicardSeason 1WatchingNo
The Walking DeadSeason 9 (14/16)WatchingNo
Criminal MindsSeason 5WatchingYes
GrimmSeason 4WatchingNo
LexxSeason 4WatchingNo
LexxSeason 3WatchingYes
Falcon and The Winter SoldierSeason 1 (4/6)WatchingNo
Muppets NowSeason 12021FinishedNo
Captain Marvel 1Movie2021FinishedYes
Avengers 4: EndgameMovie2021FinishedYes
GrimmSeason 12020FinishedNo
Forever KnightSeason 12020FinishedYes
Lost GirlSeason 42020FinishedNo
HarrowSeason 2
The Mighty DucksMovie2020FinishedYes
D2: The Mighty DucksMovie2020FinishedYes
D3: The Mighty DucksMovie2020FinishedYes
Who Framed Roger RabbitMovie2020FinishedYes
Boy Meets WorldSeason 12020FinishedYes
Boy Meets WorldSeason 22020FinishedYes
Boy Meets WorldSeason 32020FinishedYes
Boy Meets WorldSeason 42020FinishedYes
Boy Meets WorldSeason 52020FinishedYes
Boy Meets WorldSeason 62020FinishedYes
Lost GirlSeason 32019FinishedNo
The Girl from TomorrowSeason 12019FinishedNo
Lost GirlSeason 22019FinishedNo
Lost GirlSeason 12019FinishedNo
Captain Marvel 1Movie2019FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 82019FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 72019FinishedNo
Iron Man 1Movie2019FinishedYes
Iron Man 2Movie2019FinishedYes
The Coroner (CA)Season 12019FinishedNo
The Incredible HulkMovie2019FinishedYes
Thor 2: The Dark WorldMovie2019FinishedYes
Captain America 1: The First AvengerMovie2019FinishedYes
Captain America 2: The Winter SoldierMovie2019FinishedYes
Avengers 1: AssembleMovie2019FinishedYes
Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.1Movie2019FinishedYes
Avengers 2: Age of UltronMovie2019FinishedYes
Avengers 3: Infinity WarMovie2019FinishedYes
Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2Movie2019FinishedYes
Avengers 4: EndgameMovie2019FinishedYes
Ant Man 1Movie2019FinishedNo
Captain America 3: Civil WarMovie2019FinishedYes
Cheaper by The Dozen 2Movie2019FinishedNo
Doctor Strange 1Movie2019FinishedNo
Avengers 3: Infinity WarMovie2019FinishedYes
Spider-Man 1: HomecomingMovie2019FinishedYes
Proven InnocentSeason 12019FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 92019FinishedNo
BullSeason 32019FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 142019FinishedNo
Thor 3: RagnarokMovie2019FinishedYes
Black Panther 1Movie2019FinishedNo
Avengers 3: Infinity WarMovie2019FinishedYes
Ant Man and the WaspMovie2019FinishedNo
HarrowSeason 12019FinishedYes
CSI: Las VegasSeason 102019FinishedNo
Band Of BrothersMini-Series2019FinishedYes
Stranger ThingsSeason 32019FinishedNo
NCISSeason 162019FinishedNo
Harry Potter and The Philosopher's StoneMovie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Chamber of SecretsMovie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Prisoner of AzkabanMovie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Goblet of FireMovie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixMovie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood PrinceMovie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1Movie2019FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2Movie2019FinishedYes
The HogfatherMini Series2019FinishedYes
13 Going On 30Movie2018FinishedYes
Apartment 12Movie2018FinishedNo
Avengers 1: AssembleMovie2018FinishedNo
Avengers 3: Infinity WarMovie2018FinishedNo
BullSeason 22018FinishedNo
Captain America 3: Civil WarMovie2018FinishedNo
Captain America 1: The First AvengerMovie2018FinishedNo
Captain America 2: The Winter SoldierMovie2018FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 132018FinishedNo
Due DateMovie2018FinishedNo
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless MindMovie2018FinishedNo
Forrest GumpMovie2018FinishedYes
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.1Movie2018FinishedNo
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2Movie2018FinishedNo
HarrowSeason 12018FinishedNo
In The CutMovie2018FinishedNo
Infinitely Polar BearMovie2018FinishedNo
Iron Man 1Movie2018FinishedNo
Iron Man 2Movie2018FinishedNo
Iron Man 3Movie2018FinishedNo
Just Like HeavenMovie2018FinishedYes
Major CrimesSeason 62018FinishedNo
Muppets Christmas CarolMovie2018FinishedNo
Now You See MeMovie2018FinishedNo
Now You See Me 2Movie2018FinishedNo
Private EyesSeason 22018FinishedNo
Reservation RoadMovie2018FinishedNo
Shutter IslandMovie2018FinishedYes
Thanks for SharingMovie2018FinishedNo
The Day After TomorrowMovie2018FinishedYes
The Good DinosuarMovie2018FinishedNo
The Greatest ShowmanMovie2018FinishedNo
The Last CastleMovie2018FinishedNo
The Normal HeartMovie2018FinishedNo
The ProposalMovie2018FinishedNo
The Shape of WaterMovie2018FinishedNo
Thor 1Movie2018FinishedNo
Thor 3: RagnarokMovie2018FinishedNo
Thor 2: The Dark WorldMovie2018FinishedNo
Walking DeadSeason 82018FinishedNo
You Can Count on MeMovie2018FinishedNo
A Series Of Unfortunate EventsSeason 12017FinishedNo
Avengers 2: Age of UltronMovie2017FinishedNo
Beauty and The Beast 2017Movie2017FinishedNo
Boy Meets WorldSeason 42017FinishedYes
BuffySyFy's Best Of2017FinishedYes
BullSeason 12017FinishedNo
Chicago HopeSeason 22017FinishedYes
Chicago HopeSeason 12017FinishedYes
Criminal MindsSeason 122017FinishedNo
Fantastic 4Movie2017FinishedNo
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find ThemMovie2017FinishedNo
Love ActuallyMovie2017FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 102017FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 92017FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 82017FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 112017FinishedYes
NCISSeason 142017FinishedNo
Spider-Man 1: HomecomingMovie2017FinishedNo
Stranger ThingsSeason 22017FinishedNo
Sully: Miracle on the HudsonMovie2017FinishedNo
That 70s ShowSeason 22017FinishedYes
That 70s ShowSeason 12017FinishedYes
The Colour Of MagicMovie2017FinishedYes
The Incredible HulkMovie2017FinishedNo
BewitchedSeason 52016FinishedNo
CastleSeason 82016FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 62016FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 72016FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 142016FinishedNo
Fear The Walking DeadSeason 12016FinishedNo
ForeverSeason 12016FinishedYes
Forever KnightSeason 22016FinishedYes
Forever KnightSeason 12016FinishedYes
Forever KnightSeason 32016FinishedYes
Galaxy QuestMovie2016FinishedYes
Hairspray LiveMovie2016FinishedNo
High School Musical 3: Senior YearMovie2016FinishedYes
Jersey BoysMovie2016FinishedNo
Jurassic Park 3Movie2016FinishedYes
Jurassic WorldMovie2016FinishedNo
Lie to MeSeason 22016FinishedNo
Lie to MeSeason 32016FinishedNo
M*A*S*HSeason 52016FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 62016FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 32016FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 42016FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 22016FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 12016FinishedYes
M*A*S*HSeason 72016FinishedYes
Malcolm in The MiddleSeason 62016FinishedYes
Malcolm in The MiddleSeason 52016FinishedYes
Malcolm in The MiddleSeason 42016FinishedYes
Man in the High CastleSeason 12016FinishedNo
MotiveSeason 42016FinishedNo
NCISSeason 132016FinishedNo
NCIS: New OrleansSeason 22016FinishedNo
Private EyesSeason 12016FinishedNo
Railway Children - LiveMovie2016FinishedNo
Rizzoli and IslesSeason 72016FinishedNo
Secrets and LiesSeason 22016FinishedNo
Star Trek: First ContactMovie2016FinishedYes
Stranger ThingsSeason 12016FinishedNo
That 70's ShowSeason 22016FinishedYes
The 33Movie2016FinishedNo
The Jungle BookMovie2016FinishedNo
Walking DeadSeason 62016FinishedNo
Walking DeadSeason 72016FinishedNo
What We Do In The ShadowsMovie2016FinishedNo
Addams Family ValuesMovie2015FinishedYes
Big Hero 6Movie2015FinishedNo
Billy Elliot The Musical LiveMovie2015FinishedNo
Blood TiesSeason 12015FinishedYes
Body of ProofSeason 22015FinishedNo
Body of ProofSeason 12015FinishedNo
Body of ProofSeason 32015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 32015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 12015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 22015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 62015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 52015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 42015FinishedNo
CastleSeason 72015FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 112015FinishedNo
DexterSeason 12015FinishedYes
DexterSeason 22015FinishedYes
Donnie DarkoMovie2015FinishedYes
Galaxy QuestMovie2015FinishedYes
High School MusicalMovie2015FinishedYes
High School Musical 2Movie2015FinishedYes
Lady in the VanMovie2015FinishedNo
Lie to MeSeason 12015FinishedNo
MotiveSeason 32015FinishedNo
NCISSeason 122015FinishedNo
NCIS: New OrleansSeason 12015FinishedNo
Once Upon A TimeSeason 32015FinishedNo
Prince CaspianMovie2015FinishedYes
Rizzoli And IslesSeason 62015FinishedNo
Secrets and LiesSeason 12015FinishedNo
Short Circuit 2Movie2015FinishedYes
Star Trek: First ContactMovie2015FinishedYes
Star Trek: InsurrectionMovie2015FinishedYes
The 10th KingdomMini-Series2015FinishedYes
The Amazing Spider-ManMovie2015FinishedNo
The GooniesMovie2015FinishedYes
The Lego MovieMovie2015FinishedNo
The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeMovie2015FinishedYes
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - ExtendedMovie2015FinishedYes
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - ExtendedMovie2015FinishedYes
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - ExtendedMovie2015FinishedYes
The StandMovie2015FinishedYes
The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderMovie2015FinishedYes
The Wizard of OzMovie2015FinishedYes
The X FilesSeason 42015FinishedYes
The X FilesSeason 32015FinishedYes
The X FilesSeason 22015FinishedYes
The X FilesSeason 12015FinishedYes
The X FilesSeason 52015FinishedYes
The X Files: Fight The FutureMovie2015FinishedYes
Toy StoryMovie2015FinishedNo
Toy Story 2Movie2015FinishedNo
Two Guys And A GirlSeason 42015FinishedYes
X-Men Origins: WolverineMovie2015FinishedNo
17 AgainMovie2014FinishedYes
Being Human (UK)Season 52014FinishedYes
Being Human (UK)Season 42014FinishedNo
BewitchedSeason 42014FinishedNo
BewitchedSeason 32014FinishedNo
BewitchedSeason 22014FinishedNo
BewitchedSeason 12014FinishedNo
Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 42014FinishedYes
Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 72014FinishedYes
Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 62014FinishedYes
Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 52014FinishedYes
CasualtySeason 102014FinishedYes
CasualtySeason 122014FinishedYes
CasualtySeason 112014FinishedYes
Chernobyl DiariesMovie2014FinishedNo
City of EmberMovie2014FinishedYes
Criminal MindsSeason 92014FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 72014FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 102014FinishedNo
CSI: Las VegasSeason 42014FinishedNo
Death on the NileMovie2014FinishedYes
Deep Space 9Season 72014FinishedNo
Deep Space 9Season 62014FinishedNo
ForeverSeason 12014FinishedNo
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsMovie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1Movie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2Movie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Goblet Of FireMovie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood PrinceMovie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixMovie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and The Philosopher's StoneMovie2014FinishedYes
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanMovie2014FinishedYes
How to Train Your Dragon 2Movie2014FinishedNo
I Am LegendMovie2014FinishedYes
Monsters IncMovie2014FinishedYes
MoonlightSeason 12014FinishedYes
MotiveSeason 22014FinishedNo
Muppet Christmas CarolMovie2014FinishedYes
NCISSeason 112014FinishedNo
Rizzoli and IslesSeason 52014FinishedNo
Sabrina the Teenage WitchSeason 12014FinishedYes
Saving Private RyanMovie2014FinishedYes
Stargate: UniverseSeason 22014FinishedNo
The Bone CollectorMovie2014FinishedYes
The Last ExorcismMovie2014FinishedNo
The MistMovie2014FinishedYes
The Secret World of Alex MackSeason 12014FinishedNo
The Secret World of Alex MackSeason 42014FinishedNo
The Secret World of Alex MackSeason 22014FinishedNo
The Secret World of Alex MackSeason 32014FinishedNo
The Shawshank RedemptionMovie2014FinishedNo
The Walking DeadSeason 42014FinishedNo
The Walking DeadSeason 52014FinishedNo
Two Guys And A GirlSeason 32014FinishedNo
X-Men: First ClassMovie2014FinishedNo
FriendsRandom episodes x7 seasons2020FinishedYes
Lost GirlSeason 52020FinishedNo
Boy Meets WorldSeason 72020FinishedYes
BullSeason 22020FinishedYes
BullSeason 32020FinishedYes
Law and Order: SUVRandom Episodes2020FinishedSome
ChernobylMini Series2020FinishedYes
Monsters IncMovie2020FinishedYes
Monsters UniversityMovie2020FinishedYes
Lion King (2019)Movie2020FinishedNo
Lion King (1994)Movie2020FinishedYes
Lady and the Tramp (2020)Movie2020FinishedNo
Oceans 11Movie2020FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 152020FinishedNo
NCIS: LARandom Episodes, x3 Seasons2020FinishedNo
NCISRandom Episodes, x2 Seasons2020FinishedMostly Yes
Girl Meets WorldSeason 12020FinishedNo
Girl Meets WorldSeason 22020FinishedNo
Girl Meets WorldSeason 32020FinishedNo
Police Academy 2Movie2020FinishedNo
Police Academy 5Movie2020FinishedYes
Police Academy 6Movie2020FinishedYes
Police Academy 3Movie2020FinishedNo
The Muppets (2015)Season 12020FinishedYes
The CloserSeason 12020FinishedNo
The CloserSeason 22020FinishedNo
The CloserSeason 32020FinishedNo
The Fresh Prince of Bel AirRandom Episodes, x2 Seasons2020FinishedSome
Stargate SG1Random Episodes, x1 Seasons2020FinishedYes
Star Trek: The Next GenerationRandom Episodes, x1 Seasons2020FinishedYes
The Dark Crystal: Age of ResistanceSeason 12020FinishedNo
The Dark CrystalMovie2020FinishedYes
MotiveSeason 12020FinishedYes
MotiveSeason 22020FinishedYes
MotiveSeason 32020FinishedYes
MotiveSeason 42020FinishedYes
What Women WantMovie2020FinishedNo
Scary Movie 2Movie2020FinishedYes
Scary Movie 3Movie2020FinishedYes
The ProducersMovie2020FinishedNo
IT (1990)Mini Series2020FinishedYes
Forever KnightSeason 22020FinishedYes
Forever KnightSeason 32020FinishedYes
The CloserSeason 42020FinishedNo
Warehouse 13Various Episodes (4 Seasons)2020FinishedNo
Apollo 13Movie2020FinishedYes
A Muppet Christmas CarolMovie2020FinishedYes
Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleMovie2020FinishedNo
The Mummy (1999)Movie2020FinishedYes
WandaVisionMini Series2021FinishedNo
GrimmSeason 22021FinishedNo
NCISSeason 172021FinishedNo
Private EyesSeason 32021FinishedNo
Kevin and Perry Go LargeMovie2021FinishedYes
American Pie: ReunionMovie2021FinishedNo
Bridget Jones DiaryMovie2021FinishedYes
Couples RetreatMovie2021FinishedNo
The Coroner (CA)Season 22021FinishedNo
GrimmSeason 12021FinishedYes
GrimmSeason 32021FinishedNo
Criminal MindsSeason 12021FinishedYes
Criminal MindsSeason 22021FinishedYes
Criminal MindsSeason 32021FinishedYes
Criminal MindsSeason 42021FinishedYes
BullSeason 42021FinishedNo
Mean Girls 2Movie2021FinishedNo
Bridget Jones Diary 2Movie2021FinishedYes
The InternMovie2021FinishedNo
Kick AssMovie2021FinishedNo
Being HumanSeason 12021FinishedYes
Being HumanSeason 22021FinishedYes
Being HumanSeason 32021FinishedYes
Being HumanSeason 42021FinishedYes
Being HumanSeason 52021FinishedYes
American Pie 2Movie2021FinishedYes
The House BunnyMovie2021FinishedYes
Warehouse 13Season 1 (as I missed episodes)2021FinishedKinda
GrimmSeason 22021FinishedYes
CloserSeason 52021FinishedNo
CloserSeason 62021FinishedNo
CloserSeason 72021FinishedYes
Private EyesSeason 42021FinishedNo
The Coroner (CA)Season 12021FinishedYes
The Coroner (CA)Season 32021FinishedNo
LexxSeason 12021FinishedNo
LexxSeason 22021FinishedNo
LexxSeason 32021FinishedNo

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