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My Sites

These are all the sites I currently look after:

Simon MacCorkindale Fan Page - Simon MacCorkindale Fan Page

Description: My main and largest site. Also the first site I ever created. A versatile and extensive official fansite dedicated to Simon MacCorkindale, started in April 2007 on my domain. The site became very large and was moved to a dedicate domain in 2009

Contains: Members forum, image and video gallery, articles and interviews with Simon

Updates: I still have thousands of images, as well as a number of video clips to add. I'm always looking for 'new' magazines with interviews or photos. I'm also on the look out for films and TV shows with Simon in which I don't already have.

Description: Casualty Screen cap gallery. This was built when I had extra screen caps when making them for SMCFP.

Contains: A video and image gallery

Updates: Layout updated June 2014. I'm unlikely to add any more to the gallery. fanlistings Fanlistings

Description: This is the front page for my fanlistings. I currently own 7 fanlistings and have joined a couple hundred!

Contains: Links to various fanlistings

Updates: As and when I join more

She Wolf of London fanlistings - She Wolf of London

Description: A small sites dedicate to the 90's TV series She Wolf of London.

Contains: Fanlisting, a full series screen cap gallery and links to other SWOL related sites

Updates: Screen caps gallery is completed, over 7000 images. Need to update a few image descriptions to make finding some images easier.

Counterstrike fanlistings - Counterstrike

Description: A site for the 90's series Counterstrike staring Christopher Plummer.

Contains: Fanlisting and a screen cap gallery currently covering half of season 1. Also contains a few closing monologues as video(?), must edit that to audio . . .

Updates: Screen caps for seasons 2 and 3 will be coming but no ETA at present

Notes: The series was never aired in the UK. Search for it on YouTube to discover few episodes ;)

Simon MacCorkindale fanlistings - Simon MacCorkindale

Description: An extension of the Simon MacCorkindale Fan Page

Contains: Fanlisting

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan George fanlistings - Simon MacCorkindale and Susan George

Description: A couple of pages celebrating the relationship between Simon and his wife Susan

Contains: Fanlisting

Manimal fanlistings - Manimal

Description: A small fanlisting for the 80's TV show Manimal.

Contains: Fanlisting and a small promo gallery

Updates: A full season screen cap gallery is coming

Harry Harper fanlistings - Harry Harper

Description: Harry Harper was 'King of Resus' on BBC's Casualty from 2002-2008.

Contains: Fanlisting, a bio and trivia on the character

Updates: Need to complete bio and trivia, only up to series 18 at present

Alex and Peter fanlistings - Alex and Peter

Description: A site dedicated to the father/son relationship shared by Alex and Peter in Counterstrike

Contains: Fanlisting

Sleuth - Sleuth

Description: Sleuth mini-site. Only a couple of pages

Contains: Basic into about the play, locations and reviews

Updates: More reviews to follow

Description: You are here

Contains: links to my other sites. Decided to finally use this as a personal site, contains an uninteresting blog and personal photo gallery

Notes: Used to contain the Simon MacCorkindale Fan Page - to do list

Description: A list of everything I'm planning to do for each site sites

I also manage the various Facebook and Twitter for some of these sites as well as a couple more I help others with.

I have no idea what I'm doing so its just trail and error :)