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2021 Goals

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Books read: 10 books, including re-reads.  Let’s start small, but plan for reading Harry Potter

This includes books before 2021 and not finished

Books: Medium Articles

I tend to do a lot of reading on the bus on the way to/from work, and way more varied than my books reading.  Every 10 hours of reading will equal 1 book above, counted at the end of the year.  Start count 609 total articles read


Films watched: 20 films, including re-watches – As of 05/09/2021


Seasons Watched: 30 full seasons, including re-watches – As of 05/09/2021

This includes finished half seasons started before 2021, i.e The Walking Dead.


Music added to iPod Classic: Add 300 tracks, starting total 8541 – As of 05/09/2021


Add photos or scans scrapbook: 200 items, starting 2109 – As of 05/09/2021


Walk 2 million steps – As of 05/09/2021


Steam Hours.  Starting 4939h – As of 05/09/2021

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